Maid of Honor Pearls
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Featured Item for November
White Pearl Necklace with Crystal Spacers
for Young Girls
Single Strand Necklace Collection

Pearl Necklaces

A single lovely strand of freshwater pearls around your neck looks elegant and timeless. They come in a classic black and white design, a tri-color spring medley, a cheerful multi-color, and a gorgeous creamy white.

Triple Strand Necklace Collection

 Triple Strand Pearl Necklaces

Three strands of freshwater pearls are twisted together to make a true fashion statement. If you're feeling bold, these will add a little pep to a plain outfit. Or, use them to compliment an already gorgeous outfit!

Double Strand Necklace Collection

Double strand pearl necklaces

Two strands of freshwater pearls are hand knotted and strung together to form a lovely draping accessory to your wardrobe. We create double strands of gold & amber, a stunning blue & white piece, white & crystal for sparkle, and peach for luscious elegance.

Confetti Collection

Confetti Pearl Necklaces

Our Confetti Collection is a riot of harmonious colors of freshwater pearls and Czech glass beads. These pieces can take you anywhere, from a great look to wear with jeans to a truly fun piece to wear with a simple white dress.


How To Choose the Right Necklace Length.

Pearl Collar Necklaces ~ 12 to 13 inches long
Collar length necklaces often have up to three strands of pearls. They lay in the middle of the neck. Pearl collars can look formal or funky! This length looks good with a V-neck, round neck or off the shoulder blouse.

Pearl Choker Necklaces ~ 14 to 16 inches long
Chokers are just slightly longer than collar necklaces. They lay at the bottom of the neck. This length looks stunning with a strapless gown.

Pearl Matinee Necklaces ~ 20 inches to 24 inches
This length looks great with any neckline. If you love longer necklaces, go for it!

Pearl Opera Necklaces ~ 28 inches to 34 inches
Opera length necklaces look amazing with tops or dresses that have a high neckline. Yes, they can be worn to The Opera!

Pearl Rope Necklaces ~ over 45 inches long
Rope necklaces are elegant and sexy. When you want to make a fashion statement, this is the length to wear.

Pearls to wear with a strapless dress or top:

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