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White Potato Pearl Bracelet for Newborns


Pearl Necklaces White Pearl Necklace with Crystal Spacers
for Young Girls

Perfect pearls for our little girls. This beautiful genuine freshwater pearl necklace is designed with 5mm potato shape pearls and 4mm white Swarovski crystal spacers. The pearls are hand crafted with silk thread and the sterling silver filigree safety clasp compliments this necklace beautifully.

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Pearl BraceletsChildren's White Pearl Bracelet with
Gold Austrian Crystal Spacers

This beautiful children's bracelet is designed on silk thread with 5mm genuine freshwater potato shape pearls and 4mm Austrian Swarovski gold color crystal spacers. The traditional pearl safety filigree clasp is in the yellow gold filled color. When the bracelet becomes to small for her please mail it back to me so I can enlarge the bracelet as she grows.

See our Bracelet Length Guide.

Please call for pricing on enlarging bracelet.

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Pearl Bracelets White Pearl Bracelet for Young Girls

This lovely classic genuine freshwater pearl bracelet is designed with 5mm potato shape pearls. The bracelet is made with silk thread for durability and the safety clasp is the beautiful rich yellow gold filled color. The filigree design adds to the charm of this bracelet.

See our Bracelet Length Guide.

When her bracelet becomes to small please mail it back to me an I will enlarge it for her. Please call for pricing.

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Pearl NecklacesWhite Pearl Necklace for Young Girls

This timeless classic pearl necklace designed for our little girls is so pretty. These genuine freshwater pearls are 5mm in size and are potato in shape. They have a high luster and the necklace is custom designed using white silk thread for durability. The sterling silver pearl safety clasp has a filigree design which gives this necklace a vintage look.

As your child grows we can make additions to the length.

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Children and Baby Pearl Bracelets Sizing Guide

Ascertaining the correct pearl bracelet size for children or babies is simple. Put a tape measure around the wrist and leave a little bit of room for flexibility.

Newborn bracelets measure 4 ½" and should fit her up to 1 year and still have some room on her wrist for the bracelet to move.

5" length bracelets would be good for a 1 year old to a 2 year old.

5 ½" length is usually good for children 2 years to 4 years old.

6" bracelet lengths are for 4 year olds and up.

Now remember some children are very petite. I have 3 year olds that are wearing 5" pearl bracelets and I have little ones that are a little chubby and they are wearing one size up.

If you are not sure just call me at 615-481-0066 from 9am – 9pm CST.

Most ladies that purchase the children's jewelry would prefer for the child to have enough room on the bracelet so that they can wear it for at least a year or more.

Remember that the beauty of my children's pearl jewelry is that I can enlarge the bracelet as she grows. This means she has the original bracelet from her birth up to being an adult.

What a fun and precious heirloom this can be. She can hand down her bracelet to her daughter or granddaughter. Still not sure what size? Just email or call me and I will gladly assist you in your choice.

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