Pearl Bracelets
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White Pearl Necklace with Crystal Spacers
for Young Girls
Single Strand
Bracelet Collection

Pearl Bracelets

One strand of hand knotted freshwater pearls surrounds your wrist to create that perfect look. Whether you like subtle or bright colors, these bracelets can dress up any outfit. Pick your favorite!

Triple Strand
Bracelet Collection

Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet

These three strands of freshwater pearls make a definite statement and add a nice ribbon of color to your wrist. We create these in a white Keshi pearls, turquoise rice pearls, peach potato pearls, and white nugget pearls.

Double Strand
Bracelet Collection

Double strand pearl bracelets

These bracelets are just that perfect weight on your wrist; not too heavy yet not so featherweight that you don't notice them. They are a lovely compliment to everything from a business suit to a t-shirt.

Confetti Collection

Confetti Pearl Bracelet

Wear some fun on your wrist! The perfect combination of multi color freshwater pearls and Czech glass teardrop beads will brighten up any wardrobe, and your day!



Pearl Bracelet Size Guide

What length pearl bracelet should I order? This is probably the most frequently asked question I encounter when doing jewelry shows or private parties.

Here is a very simple way to figure out what size bracelet you need. Get a tape measure and put around the wrist and leave a little room for flexibility. That's it! This will give you the closest approximation to the size you need.

This bracelet sizing technique will work correctly for single, double and triple strand pearl bracelets.

I have ladies that have the tiniest wrists, and they can wear my children's sizes.

Remember I can design whatever length is right for you. Call me at 615-481-0066 from 9am – 9pm CST if you need a custom size.

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